We are Maleficent!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

For me evil is disregarding the good in a thing or in a person. When you disregard pure hearts then you give them a chance to change hearts, from pure to pure evil.

I believe that there’s a balance between good and evil. There’s always a yin yang relationship here on earth. And it is up to us which side should prevail. But sometimes, it’s one’s situation that can influence this relationship.

One example, is that when someone hurts us then we continue the cycle of hurting others. We forgot that there’s an in-between to continuing this cycle and that is us deciding to say yes or no because we always have that power: the power of balance. Sometimes people are too emotional that they decide basing on what they feel. This is so powerful and somehow too destructible – I believe it’s how evil is formed. From  a strong pure belief transformed into a strong emotion -anger or revenge then that’s when evil resides.

Maleficent’s story is everyone’s story. Remember her story:

“As a beautiful young woman of pure heart, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) has an idyllic life in a forest kingdom. When an invading army threatens the land, Maleficent rises up to become its fiercest protector. However, a terrible betrayal hardens her heart and twists her into a creature bent on revenge. She engages in an epic battle with the invading king’s successor, then curses his newborn daughter, Aurora — realizing only later that the child holds the key to peace in the kingdom.” 

It is up to us if we want to reside evil in our hearts and let it control over our decisions. Dwelling in the past and doing revenge is killing our lives already or perhaps, we are better dead than walking dead here on earth. To live is to appreciate life’s goodness and to bring goodness to others and to the world. To live is to love. That is when you share yourself and when you know how to master the power of balance. Practice well! 😉


I took the road less traveled by

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Road Less Traveled.”

What do you want to be in the future?

“What do you want to be in the future?”  I am sure you have heard this question a lot of times already. Indeed a simple question but can be life-threatening as it is.  The question that defines us, what we’ll do and our future. I bet no one in the world wasn’t asked this famous question.

When we were a child we answered hideous and ambitious roles in life such as astronaut, the next president or to be a scientist. As we get older the answers get harder and less ambitious. I want to be a lawyer, an engineer or a teacher.  To the very question that we anticipate as a child is now the question that haunts us before we sleep.

And this also haunted again three years ago, I have to decide what degree I must take. It was hard because I have a lot of dreams and I believe I can be good in those different fields that I want to. My choices were to be an architect or a fine arts student, a political science student, a communication student, a linguist student and I even had five more choices in the list before. I was pretty ambitious then. I was given freedom to choose my degree so long as I pursue law school after. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I become a lawyer-architect? That would be so hilarious!

But I ended up with a degree that wasn’t even in my list back then. I took the road less traveled by and was courageous enough to take a leap of faith to the degree I am not even familiar with. I took Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. I was crazy because I took it for a crazy rationale as well.

It was then because of the travel on my way to the city that I met this family and got along with them. I told them I will be in college when the semester opens and ofcourse, they asked me the famous question; what do I want to be? Well, I just want to be someone who can be a change-maker but there’s no program for that I answered mentally. Instead, I told them I want to be a million different things at the same time and I am a person of different gazillion things! They laughed at me and asked me then of what I hate or what subjects I hate- that the best way to help me assess myself if I know what I hate and go stick to the opposite of that and I hated math. So they gave me suggestions of programs where there’s no math or less math. They suggested International Studies or International Relations and I wasn’t convinced first but weird, when I arrived in Cebu and waited for a cab I read a school publication from that family I acquainted with and there’s an article about International Studies students going abroad and all stuff. I was amazed because I wanted to travel but I know practically speaking, you can’t have a specific job after or an assurance that you’ll be a diplomat. I just wanted a program without math. The next thing was when my bestfriend called me about the new program her mom likes too and how she bragged about it and that benefits of being a graduate of it- she talked about International Studies .

Flash forward to the day when I went to the university where my Aunts want me to go. I was faced with different papers about different programs. The time I will make a decision that will define my next four years and the rest of my life. I actually shuffled the papers after studying them all. They were all good choices and so I had four choices. Randomly, I picked the prospectus for International Studies. So I decided to take up International Studies and it is something I know I will like but still unsure of what it is and what it can give me after college. I took a leap of faith and I was crazy taking that leap.

We were given much freedom to choose who we want to be and what we want to do. Our family always told us we can be anyone we want to be. So it’s your choice! And somehow, it’s hard to make a choice. That is the hardest part of life that makes people go crazy but that is also the part of life we can’t escape. We will always have to make choices and everyday we make a whole bunch of them. What we need to do is just make the right one and if you don’t know as well which is the right one- I’ll give you one crazy advice:

When you need to make a hard decision, FLIP A COIN. Why? Because when the coin is in the air you suddenly know what you are hoping for.

Go on and try it! Make a decision. Even if in that decision you’ll be alone in the journey. Be not afraid taking the road less traveled by. It’s your life so make your own decisions don’t allow others to do that for you. Because someday you will look back and see how wonderful the end of the road less traveled by is. Take the first step! 🙂


Immortalized in Stone

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Immortalized in Stone.”

Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing or event from the last year of your life. What’s the statue of and what makes it so significant?

I just turned nineteen last month and the prompt was really for me. My personal sculpture carved me all; a person, a thing and an event which made the last year so significant.

My personal sculptor carved me a man who was so similar to me that I thought of him as my long lost twin and everyone thought too. He also had my eyes and wear glasses like I do. We share the same advocacy: to bring change to our country.

And I never knew that my personal sculptor not only gave me him along the journey but a thing. Is love a thing?  It was really something new for me. I am not even sure if it’s love already because I never knew what love is. I never open my doors to that thing but my personal sculptor wasn’t just a sculptor but a manipulator – in an instant we just knew that there’s something and that is the fact we could never escape. When it happens there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

For some reasons I can’t explain, it’s because of my personal sculptor I made one event and the prior carvings he gave were the foundation of the event I created. It was a big one and it should have been just an idea if I didn’t accept the man and the thing. So I think my personal sculptor was the big man behind my event in the long run as I see it now.

My personal sculptor didn’t just give me one but a package!

I feel so grateful to my personal sculptor who gave me a package in just a short matter of time. Thank you for letting me experience that for the past year because you also took them back just like how quick you gave the package to me . Great sculptor of mine , I didn’t know you are a part-time thief in the night!

I know though that there’s really nothing I can do now because what has happened already happened. I just hope one day you’ll give them back in the right time. I have them immortalized in my memories. Please do take care of them as you are taking care of me. Let me be the person your will wants.


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When you walked through the isles in your high school graduation how did you feel? Excited and happy right? Most of us did but there was this fear which lingered all along: the fear of transition. What is next after this special day? A story that has sadly ended yet another one just begun. You have entered another chapter of your life – college.
Stepping inside a new University is very hard , with that you have to be hard as well. There will be a lot of adjustments; adjustments that will bring you to your knees. WELCOME TO COLLEGE!

How to survive it?

1.Smile always. This may seem like a joke but it’s not, smiling can bring positivity and can open doors for friendships. For friends are what you’ll need in the first day of your college life. They will stand as your ally as you travel together in this rough journey you are on and in fact, there is a belief that who you meet as a friend in the first day will be your best friend throughout college but I have not proven that yet. Well, just smile.

2.Engage yourself. Participate in class discussions, getting to know moments, or even meetings and give time to listen and share as well because trust me your start will be so boring if you are just as silent as the cockroach around the corner. Opportunities mostly are found in engaging yourself. Be it finding a friend or boyfriend or just even an ally this is the easier way in achieving it . Start engaging!

3.Cry, let go and move on. This is not a phrase from a love story but it is the most healthy way in the transition phase in college. This transition phase(which I invented) is the juncture when you feel lost, lonely, alone, so out of place, you miss things(family/friends) and more anxieties there is. Out of nowhere you’ll be in this phase, like it or not. Thus , everyone gets to undergo this, killing you softly with emptiness. First thing you have to do, is let it all out through crying. Let go of all those kept emotions and let go of those High School memories because it will just make you miss it more and college memories that you will be making is very far from it. This way you will be cleansed and that will make your renewal a lot faster and easier. After you had it all gone now then you have to MOVE ON and face the reality you are in.

4. Find where you belong. What are you good at? Or what are your Hobbies? What makes you inspired every time? Have you already answered one? If you did , then next step is to find a club or an organization that caters it. Finding a place where you fit in is like making yourself at home but now with new friends in a new environment and later the group you entered will someday be your family. Thus, having this kind of affiliations makes the adjustment period lenient and enjoyable.Not only that, you develop your skills or talents as well while making use of your free time. Joining such avoids us turning to the wrong path because believe me or not there is a point in college that is so boring and this is how you kill time if you don’t wanna end up bar-hopping all night. If you find your place then you will go a long way.Remember that you came here to study not to party.

5.Be in tact in choices or decisions. When you reached this stage in life you are expected by the society to be mature enough to make wise choices and decisions in life. Well, are you mature enough? Choices were never easy throughout time. Sometimes we make the wrong ones and sometimes we don’t. It is really hard to make choices for every decision has its own consequences so better be insolent. Just think first before making a choice would it be beneficial for my future and will it be worth it? Think of what possible events would happen if you decided already and portray yourself in the situation. Which is which? Just remember when you make one be sure you have faith in it and it is your choice not others’. Whatever happens after you decided accept it, learn from it and act from it. Note that prioritizing is very vital if you want to survive.

6.Be independent and free. People always seem to get wild and free not independent and free when they get in college. BE FREE! YOLO! ( You Only Live Once) this makes up the youth of this generation now, that is why students want to experience what comes their way when they tend to go to starbucks always, party in the bars every night ,watch expensive movies and more… In short spend money and enjoy leisure and pleasures of temporary happiness. Maybe I have no right to judge others but let me ask you, what is really freedom? What did you go to college for? Whose money are you spending first of all? Think of all your answers and now, how will your actions respond to that? At the end of the day was it all worth it? You just get tired and still you want more then next thing you do is find ways where to get money if your allowance won’t be enough anymore. In a snap you will just lose everything you have now but if you prepare for what you will be having tomorrow , now and then you did not only save but you gain as well and in the future you might have as many parties you want to. In perfect time you can have it all the freedom and all your wants if only you prepare for it today and focus… then you will see.

7.Don’t just say “be strong” to yourself BE STRONG! Everywhere there is temptation and that is a refutable fact. You get carried away by the situation or you tag along with friends or even forced by them. Temptation is also tarrying you don’t work hard for anything.So be strong enough to avoid those things that might drag you down! And in college you’ll face a lot of problems; be it financial or emotional. With this you might be broken and will easily fall, so be strong! How? Pray for the equivalent strength you need. College people are different and they can be brutes that might test you if you are strong enough to survive the vast jungle. What happens to you can be an inspiration to another. You can’t run away from it because it just happens and all you have to do is face it. Win or fail with the battle, what is important is you should learn from it. So always be brave so you can beat ever challenge with just a smile and a snap. If you want to be brave then you have to look brave, feel brave and BE BRAVE. Saying to yourself ‘be strong’ is not enough you have to become one…

8.Practice balance. In college you have to joggle important things such: family, school, friends and God. And it is very essential that a college student should know how to balance it all . Can’t I just have one or two? Reality strikes us that we really have to take care of those things that I have mentioned above because those are the things that makes up our being. We may fail to give attention to one or two still we have to give everything same amount of attention so the next time we will be more efficient and we receive more than what we were supposed to get. We want always the best out of everything and that is attainable if we just know how to balance. Though it is hard we can always make ways… It is our choice how we want it our life to be but humans rationality always seeks for better and greater.

9.Be with God always. Feed your soul always. This is the very best part of going to college you can have any vacant to go the chapel and talk to the almighty. Through praying everything that is happening will be more easy and smooth. Try this it is very effective and I swear there won’t come a day that you will miss an appointment at the chapel. The more you go there, the more it gets addicting. Don’t work to give yourself the best of everything. Instead, make a greater effort to give God the best of yourself. Offer everything to the Lord and He will do the rest. You are not alone He is always there and it is just for to try to knock or open the door towards your heart. The world if full of blessings and God gave us a lot of gifts and it is for us to use it wisely and make discoveries. With God nothing is impossible. Start walking with Him now.

10.Study or fail. Why did you go to college anyways? Schools are made so people can study but are you going to school because of that? Not to have another lazy day but to have a busy one to prepare for the near future. We want to achieve our goals in life that is why we study- to earn, have a job and break free. Studying is what you are obliged to do because for now you are not the one feeding yourself and you are not the one who provide your own means. Unless you are , then you can do whatever you want. Through studying hard we can repay what our parents did for us. In fact, not only our parents will be satisfied and happy of the good grades you will be making but ourselves as well because of the great feeling of harvesting the fruit of our labors. Satisfaction and the urge will make you want for more. This makes you study harder for the compliment that tickles the heart. To be honest, college is so easy if you just study and try to love it. First step is to start it because nothing will happen unless you move (Einstein). Party hard and study harder. This boils down to study or to fail?