Story behind Cebu International Youth Day 2015

Weird how things work out in their own way sometimes. Last May, we had been struggling what topic our organization, the Josenian Junior Diplomats should cover this year. Our choices were World Humanitarian Day or International Youth Day. And I chose the latter.

The next step was to decide what topic and who will be the speakers. I really had no inspiration that time but I think there was a divine intervention that I came up with the concept. I was patient enough to connect the dots. The concept was born because of a book, a friend and a music video.

The book was The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. I finished this last summer as well. It was about globalization and how everyone in the world no matter what status or your race is; you can compete with anyone in the world because we are all standing in the same platform. Then I had my ‘Eureka’ moment, I realized not everyone knows about this and thus, everyone should know about this.

The friend was in the name of Mikkel Wilkinson Yang who I met in my event: ASEAN Integration the last year and crossed paths again last summer. He was the one who recommended the book and helped me out with the problem about ‘what upcoming event’ should I do.

The song was Kelly Clarkson’s People like Us motivated me more. It described what I observed in the city that there are a lot of active youth leaders but the number of those who aren’t are even greater.The song told me that the more we should take care of these leaders.  Here is a sample of the lyrics:

We come into this world unknown
But know that we are not alone
They try and knock us down
But change is coming, it’s our time nowHey… everybody loses it,
Everybody wants to throw it all away sometimes
And hey… yeah I know what you’re going through
Don’t let it get the best of you, you’ll make it out alive
OhPeople like us, we’ve gotta stick together
Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever
Here’s to the damned, to the lost and forgotten
It’s hard to get high when you’re living on the bottomOh whoa oh oh whoa oh
We are all misfits living in a world on fire
Oh whoa oh oh whoa oh
Sing it for the people like us, the people like us

So one night I got all the dots connected. I saw my friends’ activities on facebook ranging from politics and what not. Then I thought of a program that will tackle everything at the same time still relate to each other. I saw my one friend’s post about a social movement called ‘Because I said I would’.

Boom! I just had an idea and that was to have different aspects to be discussed in two parts: Inspiring the Youth and Youth in Action. The first part is about the people who are experienced already about topics and are the reason why we are called the ‘youth’. These are composed of leaders ahead of us meaning they are veterans in their fields in the national level. For the second part, are leaders who are currently struggling their advocacies here in the city.

I thought of starting the second part with the world being flat and the rest will be how to be a millennial in this flat world. I believe all these areas won’t be possible if in the first place we will not say ‘Yes’ to our responsibilities as the Youth of this country.

The World is Flat. We don't know that it is happening. We are equal and we can compete.
1.The World is Flat. We don’t know that it is happening. We are equal and we can compete.
Find your brand and develop it then you'll be indestructible.
2. Find your brand and develop it then you’ll be indestructible.
The new trend is not to be part of the trend but to be against it.
3.The new trend is not to be part of the trend but to be against it.
Because I said I would then I will. Let's make our promises into actions.
4. Because I said I would then I will. Let’s make our promises into actions.
We only hear stories about LGBT but we want to hear it from the LGBT perspective. Is Cebu exclusive enough?
5. We only hear stories about LGBT but we want to hear it from the LGBT perspective. Is Cebu exclusive enough?
Say yes to opportunities but don't forget the responsibilities of this answer.
6. Say yes to opportunities but don’t forget the responsibilities of this answer.

Then after more details for the event, we had an online campaign which starts with our desires for the future and for the world. We always had promised or said that I want a world that is ____ and because I said so I will ___________. So the first ones who answered were the speakers who had really cool answers.

August 2015

The date was set and the speakers’ list was final. For the first part I had speakers coming from different fields; Sir Bill Felisan who is a police officer with an inspiring story, Kuya Darren Gonzales for YouthVote, Kate Alyson Ramil for feminism and Fiona Jade Lim for Social Entrepreneurship.

August 15, 2015 – Marcelo Fernan Press Center, Lahug, Cebu City.

The day has come where from one  crazy idea to this big event. I registered the event in United Nations Youth Development Program in the map of International Youth Day event maps. The crowd was overwhelming!

The audience during the actual event.

The program started around 9 in the morning and with the Navy officer to open the event. The officer was so active with helping the youth and all.

Part 1: Inspiring the Youth

Kate Alyzon Ramil with her talk: 15 things I learned as a feminist. The first one who spoke under Inspiring the Youth.

11873365_10204787955960391_3700581186868898431_n   11895988_10204787957400427_4931330032171596908_n

“IYD’s talk on feminism reminded me that feminism isn’t about superiority rather it talks about equality and empowering one another. But just because I want to be equal with men doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate men who are chivalrous.” – Jerusha Adamae Tan

“Be a wise voter and not a Bobotante!” -Darren Gonzales, second speaker says during his talk about YouthVote.
The police officer who was a street child for how many years.
Fiona Jade Lim the last speaker for the “Inspiring the Youth” part wherein she talked about a Greener and Livable Cebu.

Part 2: Youth in Action

Selected Cebu youth  leaders were selected to talk about topics concerning the youth. Starting with the World is Flat.

First speaker: Mikkel Wilkinson Yang talking about the World is Flat.
Alem Garcia for Branding 101
Going against the norm by Shari Julla Gonzalez
Danica Blanche Chua Fernandez talks about “Because I said I would movement”

“I learned that promises aren’t merely words. They’re so much more. When you promise something to yourself or to someone else, you’re making a commitment to fulfill that promise. It shouldn’t be taken lightly.” -Juniper Elle Abella

Isaac P. Saguit , UP-Cebu student leader talks about Cebu’s inclusiveness

“Cebu city is one of the first city in the country who passed an anti-discrimination ordinance but we LGBT people must strive hard to fight for our equal rights nationwide.” – Renato Alondres III, AB International Studies 3

Yes Man – Matthew Basabe talks about the “Power of Yes!”

Here are some of my friend’s reflections:

“The youth is so much capable of making things possible. They are equally as competent to those who have experience if they really want to. Desire and compassion can drive success to reality.” -Cherry Bo Fernandez, AB International Studies 2

“Out of all the many talks, I favored his because he talked about saying YES to life. I do admit that I rarely take risks because I think too much of what other people may think about me. I’ve always been playing safe and usually finding the easy way out. I keep declining offers because of my inferiority and fear of failure. During his talk though, he shared a story that showcased a person’s self-esteem regardless of how they look and how one sees themselves. He emphasized on the issue of self-confidence and believing in yourself no matter how different you are from the rest. His story of becoming Mr. Basabe despite his being short and stout made me think “So what if others seem to be higher than me?” because eventually I realized, just like what he said, we all possess something special in us. All we’ve got to do is use it. But we never would know our own capacity if we don’t take risks.. if we don’t grab the opportunity.. if we don’t say yes.

His victory paved the way to more and more opportunities.. Like he said “It was just one YES, yet it opened many doors.”
Also, he shared something about it finding yourself.. He was a “party animal” yet he was also a very generous man.. He locked himself in his room for a month just to figure out who he really was. His two sides contradict each other and he didn’t know who he was already. After a while, he realized “Why couldn’t I be both? That’s what I do. That’s who I am.” So he didn’t stop his life, he carried on with who he is. He wanted parties and so he’s in Spectrum. He wanted to continue his advocacy of helping orphans and so the Spectrum parties’ proceeds go to his foundation. He used innovation. He didn’t change himself. He embraced himself. He balanced his desires and his passion which I find very amazing. It just proves that you don’t need to be categorized into a single label. If that is who you are, don’t change. Be real!” – Phyllis Saromines , Beauty Queen
Story behind Cebu International Youth Day 2015

Alter ego

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.”

Blogging equals sharing yourself

and this is me sharing my alter ego

Here are my thoughts I wanted to shout to the world

My feelings fragmented into articles

My dreams I aspire

My blog is myself.

It’s where who I am, what I do and who I want to be collides.

This is me in different million things.


Ode to a playground : The Gardens

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ode to a Playground.”

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

My hometown was a playground itself but my favorite place was my grandmother’s garden. It was beautiful and was always spring.

There were a lot of animals free in the lot. Birds that sung really beautiful melodies and I remember, how they used to sip from the flowers’ nectar. How wonderful it was just to lay in the swing we had and where ever I turn my head there is just something to admire.

The fruit trees I used to climb as I child and sometimes, I just usually eat up in the branch. There were times I even fell asleep and got scolded because of it.

The green yard I used to ran to and fro ; the fishpond where I put my feet when I don’t have anything else to do.

That was the playground I missed so much.

My grandmother’s house was so beautiful and it is still now but different, the yard was replaced by garage and the garden had no trees in it. The fishpond is still there but not as big as before now that I’ve grown up.

There’s always a child in all of us and that will never change. We may have grown taller but our hearts never get old. The memories will always be fresh and even though it’s been gone a long time ago – nostalgia will always come in.


Perfect Day: the day to seek for a more perfect one

Who does not want a perfect day? A perfect day is the most awaited day that I guess everyone had always longed for. One would want to do everything to have it  or die earning for that day to make it the perfect day in their existence here on earth. The heavens know how many people in different places are now thinking of planning for this perfect day at this very moment. Imagining the feel, sensing the atmosphere and playing in their minds how they would want it to be. Just repeatedly. Well, how do you want yours to be? What would be a perfect day to you?

A perfect day for a few may be simple and for others, to make it simple will never be considered as an option because for them a perfect day is something different and rare that you just don’t do always.We have different tastes of how to do it and different kinds of lists of the ‘MUSTS’ for a perfect day. Some may want to spend it under the blazing hot sun in the shoreline with their love or with their shadow or their friends. Some may want to spend it by back-packing to travel the world, cause chaos in the street for the sake of having a ‘YOLO” themed perfect day, isolate themselves from the noise by reading in a faraway paradise, following their idols on a tour or just let it pass because that would mean perfect for them. This perfect day maybe I would be doing one of those things but that’s still uncertain as of the moment because I have not yet decided when it would happen because for the fact that making a perfect day means having the perfect plan, the perfect food, the perfect venue or the perfect idea itself. That would cost you a lot, both with your time and money for we always had believed that perfect days should be what a ‘PERFECT DAY’ should and it boils down to be a planned perfect day. It always have been to be a perfect one according to our imaginations that had been rooted in our hearts and mind for a long time now or according to our bucket list that was made a long long time ago. Well, that does not work for me.

You don’t have to overthink and plan so hard about it because for me the greatest moments in life are those which are unplanned. Try to recall the greatest moments that you consider the happiest and think about another set of  moments you want to happen ahead that you think will totally beat those moments that happened already . Did you imagine it well? It’s hard, right?  You can’t be sure though that what you wish to happen will give you that perfect genuine laughter or satisfaction or beat the feel you had that moment you consider to be the greatest as of the moment. My point is, everyday is another adventure and maybe you want to plan out perfect things but remember our fantasy won’t always meet to what reality we are in. So better get rid of the idea of  “YOLO” or you only live once because that is terribly wrong you do not live only once for you live every single day. Instead believe of “YODO” or you only die once and that would make sense so much better and having this mantra will not make you imagine for a perfect day but let you have a lot of perfect days in life. I continue to live every single day as a day that should be perfect. Meaning, I don’t plan of one perfect day but what I do is to make every day – a day that should be fun, productive and worth remembering for. I would always want everyday to be adventurous and something more of what is expected; to be a good child or God or fellow brethren to the community and one way or another. Everyday I let my imagination run wild of all the possible things that should be done. With this thinking, I can always have a lot of options when I think of the glory days and for me, a perfect day will be considered as it is, only if I had experienced it already and realized before I sleep that it was already the perfect day.

A perfect day is like a blessing in disguise. Sometimes you only know what you were doing until its done. A perfect day would be mysterious as hell that you wouldn’t even know that it was one until you utter ‘It was indeed a perfect day’. A perfect day would be the day that you won’t even remember as perfect until you are in your deathbed after you experience a whole lot of ones and reflect the life you had. A perfect day for individuals will always be different but for me as of the moment my perfect day would be the day that I utter that it was and then plan for another one because we are never content until we die. So my perfect day is the day that I will seek for a more perfect one.Strive for more and do more— that way you’ll experience more!

Have a perfect day!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sparkling or Still.”


LATAG Project 2014

I always wanted to help and give but I don’t know how. .. Until thankfully I found LATAG(Leadership Through Action and Giving)  , my new family. I was messaged by an acquaintance to like a page which was LATAG and somehow it sounded very familiar then not after the founder sent me a message my intuition was right all along. I heard this project once when I was attending a leadership training in High School and even helped to give an amount through our conducted activity during the training. And once more LATAG found me.

One of my inspirations, Alvin M. Lucero (founder of the said project) was the one who invited me to join the movement as a volunteer and I accepted it. Though I may not have all the time to spend with the project this summer at the very least I did help genuinely and had put my effort in mobilizing it. Through conducting trainings he gains funds for the project and until realizing that it was not sufficient he widened the crusade through allowing volunteers to help and join the movement in order to realize goals as well. One is to gather books all throughout the region and second is to build libraries for those less fortunate ones (children or not) that are interested to read. Remember not everyone can read and not everyone can access the internet. Even though some knows how to read but what are they going to read if they don’t have anything to read upon. They don’t have books.

There are still places in the Philippines who haven’t even seen yet what a computer looks like just books but they don’t have much even just to touch. The chance to learn and explore through books is somehow very impossible for them when others who are fortunate enough to have a lot of it don’t even value that chance. It is the chance to have a better life. Will you have the heart to give them that chance?

One book can change a thousand lives I say. The books you have neglected or burned are equivalent more of the lives that starved for wisdom and craved for reading but you killed those hopes per book you destroyed. How would you feel when you experience having lost at something? Imagine a million of illiterate children feeling like that as of the moment? What would you do?

Everyone does strive their hardest when their flicker of hope is given a little more bit of value and it is in your hands that you’ll be able to turn that flicker into a spark or even turn it as bright as burning amber. Share now and give a part of yourself through joining the movement. Join LATAG and turn these hopes into dreams come true. Rally for literacy in the Philippines and when you do, one day will come that every single person in these nation knows how to read and has a better life already because of YOU!


  1. You can donate any books used or not. (If not in Mindanao you can have it delivered just contact any volunteer)
  2. The project accepts cash donations just hand the money in person or if not from Mindanao you can have it delivered as well through LATAG volunteers)
  3. Through promoting the movement in social media sites or publicize it in your community and share the story of LATAG.

Monabelle Timosa , proud LATAG volunteer signing out. MagLATAG na kayo!
Know the story :
Contact me :

LATAG Project 2014

What is the make-up for?

                          What’s the matter with you?! You don’t need to worry about how I look and dress! Don’t worry that you’ll be with just a plain girl. Just be with me and dare not to pity me. This is just me and that is how I want it to be.

I am short and have small eyes. I am tan-skinned and I love to wear shirts and jeans. I don’t put make-up everyday just during rare occasions that is considered rare. Haha! Combing once after every shower is just right for my every day!

“Why do you not care so much for you face? If you just wear make-up every day you would look extra amazing!” These are the common phrases my friends dared to say to me and in return I would say: “Well, Why do you care so much for your face? What is the make-up for?”


Why do you have to wear make-up?

And why I don’t?

I really don’t care if my friends are vain or not and I am not. And I don’t judge them, I love them but they don’t have to put it on for me. They don’t have to go against how I want because in the first place I did not go against theirs. We are all opinionated when it comes to how everyone (just like I and my friends) see beauty. And this is how it goes for me. It’s just they don’t have to worry for me. It is because I don’t see a reason rational enough why I would wear make-up everyday. Why I don’t care so much?

I don’t care so much because what is it for? So I will get the boy’s attention and maybe find a relationship? So everyone would find me beautiful? So I can walk confidently? So I can have gorgeous friends as well? So no one will insult me and go against my ways? So I could become what a real woman should be?

I don’t need to get attention from the boys. Well, I don’t do that because I consider it cheating for what will happen if your make-up fades? Then what? I don’t go for someone who’d be stunned by the looks but be stunned by the grace and attitude plus the wit and wisdom. Maybe, you can call it unrealistic but it is the real thing for me. What you feel is what you’ll see after. What you might see at first may lose its flavor in the end. Being real will bring you to a real man and lead you into a real relationship.

I don’t need anyone to tell me I am beautiful. I don’t like to please everyone because of how I look but instead of who I am. I often tend to see that now people see first what is in the outside then the inside. This is how the society did with its standards today. And such standards make us unreal because everyday if we have to wear make-up to become beautifully vain and brag to the world that you are beautiful then it makes you not at all. To be beautiful is to feel beautiful. To be beautiful is to know one’s stand in every situation and in every decisions. To be beautiful is to know how to carry oneself. To be beautiful is to be faithful. To be beautiful is to be kind. To be beautiful is to be courageous. To beautiful is to love unselfishly.

You don’t have to put something to make you feel confident but though for others it sometimes works… Well, I tell you that you don’t have any problem with that because things like this goes mind over matter. I think you are confident and then you will feel confident. But why in the first place you want to be confident? Ask this to yourself and say ‘why do I have to?’ Then prove it! You are always amazing because everyone has unique features and what is more are the talents blessed to you! Be happy with that and feel confident because you always are and you just don’t know.

I don’t need friends who love how I look I need friends who want to be with me because we are real friends. Friendship does not go along with the looks. If your friends are, then they are not considered friends at all. Friends are whom you laugh with, play with, talk with, eat with , party with, work with, understand with, travel with and more. And is there something that goes along with the looks? None at all. Friends are friends. They do tease but they don’t have you because you look very beautiful it is because they like the REAL YOU in the first place.

I don’t care if many insults how I look or just comments about anything that concerns it because I don’t care about them too. Why insult you in the first place? It just mean that those people looks at you and observes you keenly. And congratulations it just means you are famous that they would talk about you! Don’t worry about them they are your avid fans if you don’t have them then you won’t know who your real friends are. You won’t know that people notices you and be proud with that because the more people dislikes you the more people will like you, as well for not hating them back. If you are confident which you are then no one will go against your ways!

Does every girl have to look pretty to become a beautiful woman? I don’t have to be and you don’t. I have seen a lot of beautiful women who does not wear make-up at all and that is what I aim for. Beautiful women carrying her child, loving her husband, and takes care of them. Beautiful women working hard for her family just to feed them. Beautiful women feeding unsheltered children. Beautiful women helping anyone who needs their help in the supermarket. Beautiful women who smiles a lot and makes everyone at home. Beautiful women who teaches, who debates amazingly, who humbles herself, who prays, who gives and who loves strongly. Beautiful women are strong and that is what a woman for me, and what we both should be.

Things that don’t define you will not help at all. Cherish yourself by loving yourself and admiring yourself first because if you love yourself then you will learn to love others. It always start with you! Stick to things that make you happy and be as a beautiful woman a girl should be! YOU ARE SO AMAZING! So smile already because now that the beautiful woman finished reading this; have to get up, to face the world and make a mark that other girls won’t forget and will follow. See you there beautiful!

What is the make-up for?


When you walked through the isles in your high school graduation how did you feel? Excited and happy right? Most of us did but there was this fear which lingered all along: the fear of transition. What is next after this special day? A story that has sadly ended yet another one just begun. You have entered another chapter of your life – college.
Stepping inside a new University is very hard , with that you have to be hard as well. There will be a lot of adjustments; adjustments that will bring you to your knees. WELCOME TO COLLEGE!

How to survive it?

1.Smile always. This may seem like a joke but it’s not, smiling can bring positivity and can open doors for friendships. For friends are what you’ll need in the first day of your college life. They will stand as your ally as you travel together in this rough journey you are on and in fact, there is a belief that who you meet as a friend in the first day will be your best friend throughout college but I have not proven that yet. Well, just smile.

2.Engage yourself. Participate in class discussions, getting to know moments, or even meetings and give time to listen and share as well because trust me your start will be so boring if you are just as silent as the cockroach around the corner. Opportunities mostly are found in engaging yourself. Be it finding a friend or boyfriend or just even an ally this is the easier way in achieving it . Start engaging!

3.Cry, let go and move on. This is not a phrase from a love story but it is the most healthy way in the transition phase in college. This transition phase(which I invented) is the juncture when you feel lost, lonely, alone, so out of place, you miss things(family/friends) and more anxieties there is. Out of nowhere you’ll be in this phase, like it or not. Thus , everyone gets to undergo this, killing you softly with emptiness. First thing you have to do, is let it all out through crying. Let go of all those kept emotions and let go of those High School memories because it will just make you miss it more and college memories that you will be making is very far from it. This way you will be cleansed and that will make your renewal a lot faster and easier. After you had it all gone now then you have to MOVE ON and face the reality you are in.

4. Find where you belong. What are you good at? Or what are your Hobbies? What makes you inspired every time? Have you already answered one? If you did , then next step is to find a club or an organization that caters it. Finding a place where you fit in is like making yourself at home but now with new friends in a new environment and later the group you entered will someday be your family. Thus, having this kind of affiliations makes the adjustment period lenient and enjoyable.Not only that, you develop your skills or talents as well while making use of your free time. Joining such avoids us turning to the wrong path because believe me or not there is a point in college that is so boring and this is how you kill time if you don’t wanna end up bar-hopping all night. If you find your place then you will go a long way.Remember that you came here to study not to party.

5.Be in tact in choices or decisions. When you reached this stage in life you are expected by the society to be mature enough to make wise choices and decisions in life. Well, are you mature enough? Choices were never easy throughout time. Sometimes we make the wrong ones and sometimes we don’t. It is really hard to make choices for every decision has its own consequences so better be insolent. Just think first before making a choice would it be beneficial for my future and will it be worth it? Think of what possible events would happen if you decided already and portray yourself in the situation. Which is which? Just remember when you make one be sure you have faith in it and it is your choice not others’. Whatever happens after you decided accept it, learn from it and act from it. Note that prioritizing is very vital if you want to survive.

6.Be independent and free. People always seem to get wild and free not independent and free when they get in college. BE FREE! YOLO! ( You Only Live Once) this makes up the youth of this generation now, that is why students want to experience what comes their way when they tend to go to starbucks always, party in the bars every night ,watch expensive movies and more… In short spend money and enjoy leisure and pleasures of temporary happiness. Maybe I have no right to judge others but let me ask you, what is really freedom? What did you go to college for? Whose money are you spending first of all? Think of all your answers and now, how will your actions respond to that? At the end of the day was it all worth it? You just get tired and still you want more then next thing you do is find ways where to get money if your allowance won’t be enough anymore. In a snap you will just lose everything you have now but if you prepare for what you will be having tomorrow , now and then you did not only save but you gain as well and in the future you might have as many parties you want to. In perfect time you can have it all the freedom and all your wants if only you prepare for it today and focus… then you will see.

7.Don’t just say “be strong” to yourself BE STRONG! Everywhere there is temptation and that is a refutable fact. You get carried away by the situation or you tag along with friends or even forced by them. Temptation is also tarrying you don’t work hard for anything.So be strong enough to avoid those things that might drag you down! And in college you’ll face a lot of problems; be it financial or emotional. With this you might be broken and will easily fall, so be strong! How? Pray for the equivalent strength you need. College people are different and they can be brutes that might test you if you are strong enough to survive the vast jungle. What happens to you can be an inspiration to another. You can’t run away from it because it just happens and all you have to do is face it. Win or fail with the battle, what is important is you should learn from it. So always be brave so you can beat ever challenge with just a smile and a snap. If you want to be brave then you have to look brave, feel brave and BE BRAVE. Saying to yourself ‘be strong’ is not enough you have to become one…

8.Practice balance. In college you have to joggle important things such: family, school, friends and God. And it is very essential that a college student should know how to balance it all . Can’t I just have one or two? Reality strikes us that we really have to take care of those things that I have mentioned above because those are the things that makes up our being. We may fail to give attention to one or two still we have to give everything same amount of attention so the next time we will be more efficient and we receive more than what we were supposed to get. We want always the best out of everything and that is attainable if we just know how to balance. Though it is hard we can always make ways… It is our choice how we want it our life to be but humans rationality always seeks for better and greater.

9.Be with God always. Feed your soul always. This is the very best part of going to college you can have any vacant to go the chapel and talk to the almighty. Through praying everything that is happening will be more easy and smooth. Try this it is very effective and I swear there won’t come a day that you will miss an appointment at the chapel. The more you go there, the more it gets addicting. Don’t work to give yourself the best of everything. Instead, make a greater effort to give God the best of yourself. Offer everything to the Lord and He will do the rest. You are not alone He is always there and it is just for to try to knock or open the door towards your heart. The world if full of blessings and God gave us a lot of gifts and it is for us to use it wisely and make discoveries. With God nothing is impossible. Start walking with Him now.

10.Study or fail. Why did you go to college anyways? Schools are made so people can study but are you going to school because of that? Not to have another lazy day but to have a busy one to prepare for the near future. We want to achieve our goals in life that is why we study- to earn, have a job and break free. Studying is what you are obliged to do because for now you are not the one feeding yourself and you are not the one who provide your own means. Unless you are , then you can do whatever you want. Through studying hard we can repay what our parents did for us. In fact, not only our parents will be satisfied and happy of the good grades you will be making but ourselves as well because of the great feeling of harvesting the fruit of our labors. Satisfaction and the urge will make you want for more. This makes you study harder for the compliment that tickles the heart. To be honest, college is so easy if you just study and try to love it. First step is to start it because nothing will happen unless you move (Einstein). Party hard and study harder. This boils down to study or to fail?