Imagine if you are not imagining at all!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imagine All the People.”

The next time you’re in a public place — a coffeehouse, a park, a store — observe the people around you. Pick a person, a couple, or a group, and imagine what their lives might be like.

For two days I have been in the same famous coffeehouse in the city – Coffee Prince. I have observed how similar the people were at the same time very different. There were groups and those who went alone. These people were in the shop either to study or to bond with their gang or maybe just to treat themselves with something delicious. They came to the right place! Some people were noisy and others very silent. This made me wonder- why do these people go in such places when they already know there will be a crowd and then still choose to study in such?

Public places, basing from my experience, give you the right kind of peace in a big crowd. Somehow you feel solitude in the buzz of different people in short, there is seclusion in  a sea of strangers. That’s why they go because people don’t care about other people’s business only their own. If I were to pick the people I will choose us- our study group. This group is composed of my policy paper mates – Rae, Shiela , Ericson and Jennifer. Shout out to them!

(c) Shiela Policarpio’s picture of us makes me wanna smile. 😀

Imagine all the people

Imagine the number of people that comes in and out of Coffee Prince – a lot of them , right? These folks can afford and are lucky to be able to study in a comfortable place with comfort food and air-conditioners. Not only they are blessed with life but also this kind of luxury they have. I chose us – our Policy Paper group.

We are students and we are privileged to be called ‘students’. We are different but we have one common goal that binds us all: to have a good proposal for our policy paper and of course, to pass our major subject. All for the sake of passing, we spent two days in a coffee shop.

Choco waffle for two days! Photo taken by Shiela Policarpio
Wouldn’t be complete without this 😀 Photo taken by Shiela Policarpio

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Imagine if everyone in the Philippines are studying then there would be a greater need for more public spaces. Imagine if everyone’s called  a student and imagine if everyone’s aware that it is a privilege to study? Imagine if this is reality then I won’t have to seat in conscience because I’m eating good food plus I’m studying while others are using street lamps to study or don’t even have the chance to study because they are working or worst case scenario, they are not in school. It would have been a better place if this ain’t an imagination!

October 11 is the International Day of the Girl and this year, the campaign is to use the hashtag #62MillionGirls for #GirlRising. Latest survey, tells us there are still 62 million girls who are not in school worldwide and that is the sad reality. Yes! This is sad but I hope this fact inspires ALL students to even study harder. You don’t need to stop studying to be with them and share the agony or teach them but first, we must nurture our education to find our niche. When we are educated we have greater power to make an impact and help them.If you are making your education worth it then you are one step closer to that goal. Before starting that we must first have that sense of awareness that we are the fortunate ones to be in school and to have that power to change lives in the future.

For the weekend, it wasn’t all serious business and stuff but also tons of laughter. Remember that in the journey of life we must also take a pause to smile, laugh or make others laugh. It makes life worth living for. Our story is the same with other students who are in their finals in this semester. God bless us all and I hope we are all aware of the privilege we have.

To finish this entry, I would like to share the video below which was shared to me by my friend, a future teacher, Catherine Sullano in facebook. It just sums up everything I learned this weekend. Share if you agree! 🙂


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