One fleeting moment

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.”

Too Soon?

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

Anything can be funny but to some it won’t be the case. Somehow it really depends to the situation and the people. But there are just things you didn’t know were funny in the end. Perhaps a funny story everyone could relate to; story of Love.

Love was friends with anyone. She was always cheerful, she was strong and of course, she gives out love for everyone. Everyone thought of her as selfless and kind because she barely says no and complains. She was idealistic about everything and believed her purpose was to give out love through reaching out to those who don’t have much even if she doesn’t have much herself – ‘if you have something to share you are obliged to share but if you really don’t have something to share  then you are more obliged to because then when you give you are also sharing not only the blessing but a part of yourself. If you’d still share then that is true virtue everyone must have’ that was her guiding principle.

One Sunday, Love accidentally met again one of her acquaintances whom she had helped before and she had always admired him because he was brave and just because he is also Brave. He was intelligent, outspoken and brave. He met Love a year ago in a gathering that amazed them both.

Love called out his name just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming for it’s been a long time. “Brave? Brave is that you?” When he heard her voice, he immediately glanced towards the source and he can’t believe it was Love.

He was so courageous to leap in front of her and was so brave to hugged her tightly. Love couldn’t breathe and Love wasn’t used to moments like this. It was always her who gives out hugs and not the one who receives.

But Brave didn’t care what other people say or what Love thinks. He went with the flow and happily did what he thought what could make him happy and was also right. He was spontaneous in everything.

Love was so happy and so was Brave. They talked over lunch and separated for they already had commitments they were responsible of; Brave went somewhere to lead a group and Love went all around to share her food. They were two different people but at the same time very similar.

Accident or destiny? They didn’t know at all. After their unexpected meeting,  they crossed paths again not only twice but thrice. Fate seems to play a trick to the both of them and they laughed when they thought of it that time as one of their theories why they always run into each other.

Days after days, they decided to do things together. Love learned to be brave and Brave learned how to do things like how Love does it. Love discovered Brave wasn’t only courageous but also faithful, gentle and kind.

Brave then was always there for Love when she needed him. Of course, whenever the schedule permits Brave would always see what Love is up to. Oh, did I mention they were from two different worlds? He wasn’t scared at all of the consequences of what he was doing.

Little by little, Love noticed why Brave was always around. “Why are you here again my friend?”
“Oh, you don’t want me here?” Brave replied.
“Of course, I do but it’s just you are here too often already-”
“Then it settled. You want me here!” Brave winked.

They were hilarious together and Brave told Love his purpose, to make everyone else brave like him. To be confident, to accept compliments and say ‘thank you’.  confidence makes people brave these days.

But Love was hesitant for Brave was too confident and all but she felt there’s something growing inside her heart. It was the fondness of him. The familiarity of his presence all around made her comfortable.

“I know you are not okay Love. Be Brave! Say what you think and express yourself!”

“That is the problem! I don’t know what I feel and and aaand I don’t know how to settle this.”

“What’s wrong then?” Brave asked and Love pointed to her chest, “This heart is beating out of normal. Sometimes it hurts and in some times it makes me extra happy.”

Brave burst into laughter, ” Then that is a good thing! Because that’s happening to me. Perhaps, we are changing and I don’t know what to call it too. .. Let’s call it your name since you mentioned it.”


“Yes, love it is.”

“Okay. This love is weird and a stranger but I welcomed it.”

“This love is something to look forward to and I know it is for you..” Brave stared at her making her blush. ” I think we both made what this thing is.”

So they fell and was really into each other. They made plans together and were very happy at each others’ side. Love learned to become like Brave and changed for the better

One day, Love was so busy pouring love out to the world and when she returned Brave changed. He was tougher and seems to have forgotten about Love. It hurt Love because they already expressed their selves to this but Brave left her in the air.

She saw him again and he was still the same old Brave. He was confident and happy! As if the love never affected him.

And Love learned that somehow in love there’s always the other who will love more and at the end will be hurt more. But love is a wonderful weird stranger people always accept in their lives because it gives infinite happiness even if it’s only one fleeting moment. One beautiful fleeting moment and she wished Brave would never forget that.

She guessed that was her lesson from Brave: To be hurt to know how strong you can be. Brave was successful with his mission and Love learned how to be brave to say goodbye to the memories!

Love started too soon and maybe, it should always end too soon. But was it too soon? Always be brave when it comes to love!


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