I took the road less traveled by

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Road Less Traveled.”

What do you want to be in the future?

“What do you want to be in the future?”  I am sure you have heard this question a lot of times already. Indeed a simple question but can be life-threatening as it is.  The question that defines us, what we’ll do and our future. I bet no one in the world wasn’t asked this famous question.

When we were a child we answered hideous and ambitious roles in life such as astronaut, the next president or to be a scientist. As we get older the answers get harder and less ambitious. I want to be a lawyer, an engineer or a teacher.  To the very question that we anticipate as a child is now the question that haunts us before we sleep.

And this also haunted again three years ago, I have to decide what degree I must take. It was hard because I have a lot of dreams and I believe I can be good in those different fields that I want to. My choices were to be an architect or a fine arts student, a political science student, a communication student, a linguist student and I even had five more choices in the list before. I was pretty ambitious then. I was given freedom to choose my degree so long as I pursue law school after. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I become a lawyer-architect? That would be so hilarious!

But I ended up with a degree that wasn’t even in my list back then. I took the road less traveled by and was courageous enough to take a leap of faith to the degree I am not even familiar with. I took Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. I was crazy because I took it for a crazy rationale as well.

It was then because of the travel on my way to the city that I met this family and got along with them. I told them I will be in college when the semester opens and ofcourse, they asked me the famous question; what do I want to be? Well, I just want to be someone who can be a change-maker but there’s no program for that I answered mentally. Instead, I told them I want to be a million different things at the same time and I am a person of different gazillion things! They laughed at me and asked me then of what I hate or what subjects I hate- that the best way to help me assess myself if I know what I hate and go stick to the opposite of that and I hated math. So they gave me suggestions of programs where there’s no math or less math. They suggested International Studies or International Relations and I wasn’t convinced first but weird, when I arrived in Cebu and waited for a cab I read a school publication from that family I acquainted with and there’s an article about International Studies students going abroad and all stuff. I was amazed because I wanted to travel but I know practically speaking, you can’t have a specific job after or an assurance that you’ll be a diplomat. I just wanted a program without math. The next thing was when my bestfriend called me about the new program her mom likes too and how she bragged about it and that benefits of being a graduate of it- she talked about International Studies .

Flash forward to the day when I went to the university where my Aunts want me to go. I was faced with different papers about different programs. The time I will make a decision that will define my next four years and the rest of my life. I actually shuffled the papers after studying them all. They were all good choices and so I had four choices. Randomly, I picked the prospectus for International Studies. So I decided to take up International Studies and it is something I know I will like but still unsure of what it is and what it can give me after college. I took a leap of faith and I was crazy taking that leap.

We were given much freedom to choose who we want to be and what we want to do. Our family always told us we can be anyone we want to be. So it’s your choice! And somehow, it’s hard to make a choice. That is the hardest part of life that makes people go crazy but that is also the part of life we can’t escape. We will always have to make choices and everyday we make a whole bunch of them. What we need to do is just make the right one and if you don’t know as well which is the right one- I’ll give you one crazy advice:

When you need to make a hard decision, FLIP A COIN. Why? Because when the coin is in the air you suddenly know what you are hoping for.

Go on and try it! Make a decision. Even if in that decision you’ll be alone in the journey. Be not afraid taking the road less traveled by. It’s your life so make your own decisions don’t allow others to do that for you. Because someday you will look back and see how wonderful the end of the road less traveled by is. Take the first step! 🙂


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