Perfect Day: the day to seek for a more perfect one

Who does not want a perfect day? A perfect day is the most awaited day that I guess everyone had always longed for. One would want to do everything to have it  or die earning for that day to make it the perfect day in their existence here on earth. The heavens know how many people in different places are now thinking of planning for this perfect day at this very moment. Imagining the feel, sensing the atmosphere and playing in their minds how they would want it to be. Just repeatedly. Well, how do you want yours to be? What would be a perfect day to you?

A perfect day for a few may be simple and for others, to make it simple will never be considered as an option because for them a perfect day is something different and rare that you just don’t do always.We have different tastes of how to do it and different kinds of lists of the ‘MUSTS’ for a perfect day. Some may want to spend it under the blazing hot sun in the shoreline with their love or with their shadow or their friends. Some may want to spend it by back-packing to travel the world, cause chaos in the street for the sake of having a ‘YOLO” themed perfect day, isolate themselves from the noise by reading in a faraway paradise, following their idols on a tour or just let it pass because that would mean perfect for them. This perfect day maybe I would be doing one of those things but that’s still uncertain as of the moment because I have not yet decided when it would happen because for the fact that making a perfect day means having the perfect plan, the perfect food, the perfect venue or the perfect idea itself. That would cost you a lot, both with your time and money for we always had believed that perfect days should be what a ‘PERFECT DAY’ should and it boils down to be a planned perfect day. It always have been to be a perfect one according to our imaginations that had been rooted in our hearts and mind for a long time now or according to our bucket list that was made a long long time ago. Well, that does not work for me.

You don’t have to overthink and plan so hard about it because for me the greatest moments in life are those which are unplanned. Try to recall the greatest moments that you consider the happiest and think about another set of  moments you want to happen ahead that you think will totally beat those moments that happened already . Did you imagine it well? It’s hard, right?  You can’t be sure though that what you wish to happen will give you that perfect genuine laughter or satisfaction or beat the feel you had that moment you consider to be the greatest as of the moment. My point is, everyday is another adventure and maybe you want to plan out perfect things but remember our fantasy won’t always meet to what reality we are in. So better get rid of the idea of  “YOLO” or you only live once because that is terribly wrong you do not live only once for you live every single day. Instead believe of “YODO” or you only die once and that would make sense so much better and having this mantra will not make you imagine for a perfect day but let you have a lot of perfect days in life. I continue to live every single day as a day that should be perfect. Meaning, I don’t plan of one perfect day but what I do is to make every day – a day that should be fun, productive and worth remembering for. I would always want everyday to be adventurous and something more of what is expected; to be a good child or God or fellow brethren to the community and one way or another. Everyday I let my imagination run wild of all the possible things that should be done. With this thinking, I can always have a lot of options when I think of the glory days and for me, a perfect day will be considered as it is, only if I had experienced it already and realized before I sleep that it was already the perfect day.

A perfect day is like a blessing in disguise. Sometimes you only know what you were doing until its done. A perfect day would be mysterious as hell that you wouldn’t even know that it was one until you utter ‘It was indeed a perfect day’. A perfect day would be the day that you won’t even remember as perfect until you are in your deathbed after you experience a whole lot of ones and reflect the life you had. A perfect day for individuals will always be different but for me as of the moment my perfect day would be the day that I utter that it was and then plan for another one because we are never content until we die. So my perfect day is the day that I will seek for a more perfect one.Strive for more and do more— that way you’ll experience more!

Have a perfect day!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sparkling or Still.”


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