LATAG Project 2014

I always wanted to help and give but I don’t know how. .. Until thankfully I found LATAG(Leadership Through Action and Giving)  , my new family. I was messaged by an acquaintance to like a page which was LATAG and somehow it sounded very familiar then not after the founder sent me a message my intuition was right all along. I heard this project once when I was attending a leadership training in High School and even helped to give an amount through our conducted activity during the training. And once more LATAG found me.

One of my inspirations, Alvin M. Lucero (founder of the said project) was the one who invited me to join the movement as a volunteer and I accepted it. Though I may not have all the time to spend with the project this summer at the very least I did help genuinely and had put my effort in mobilizing it. Through conducting trainings he gains funds for the project and until realizing that it was not sufficient he widened the crusade through allowing volunteers to help and join the movement in order to realize goals as well. One is to gather books all throughout the region and second is to build libraries for those less fortunate ones (children or not) that are interested to read. Remember not everyone can read and not everyone can access the internet. Even though some knows how to read but what are they going to read if they don’t have anything to read upon. They don’t have books.

There are still places in the Philippines who haven’t even seen yet what a computer looks like just books but they don’t have much even just to touch. The chance to learn and explore through books is somehow very impossible for them when others who are fortunate enough to have a lot of it don’t even value that chance. It is the chance to have a better life. Will you have the heart to give them that chance?

One book can change a thousand lives I say. The books you have neglected or burned are equivalent more of the lives that starved for wisdom and craved for reading but you killed those hopes per book you destroyed. How would you feel when you experience having lost at something? Imagine a million of illiterate children feeling like that as of the moment? What would you do?

Everyone does strive their hardest when their flicker of hope is given a little more bit of value and it is in your hands that you’ll be able to turn that flicker into a spark or even turn it as bright as burning amber. Share now and give a part of yourself through joining the movement. Join LATAG and turn these hopes into dreams come true. Rally for literacy in the Philippines and when you do, one day will come that every single person in these nation knows how to read and has a better life already because of YOU!


  1. You can donate any books used or not. (If not in Mindanao you can have it delivered just contact any volunteer)
  2. The project accepts cash donations just hand the money in person or if not from Mindanao you can have it delivered as well through LATAG volunteers)
  3. Through promoting the movement in social media sites or publicize it in your community and share the story of LATAG.

Monabelle Timosa , proud LATAG volunteer signing out. MagLATAG na kayo!
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LATAG Project 2014

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