New ray of hope…

Admire every ray of sunlight like a child sees it for the first time. You may not discover how beautiful it can be.

(Starting the new semester)

Today I woke up with a smile and a thankful heart.
I just saw it.
The first sign of welcome peeked to see me.
It was beautiful. It was ethereal.

I can’t stop smiling… everything was at ease and perfect.
What an art! I utter inside my head.
Our creator is great!

I closed my eyes again.
Savored the smell of freshness in the morning.
There were no signs left that a storm has strongly cleansed the surroundings. Oh, I love this kinds of mornings.

A morning of a new start.
Another chapter. Starting all over again… Snap! Snap!
I opened my eyes, I was thrilled and had goosebumps as I thought of something but not sure what it was and I think that was kind of a sense of contentment in everything. This is how it feels and that is lightweight. I was blessed and now I am blessed again. So I prayed ad thanked God for everything.

Amidst of what surfaces you; bad or good. Savor every moment, feel God’s kindness and smile. Nothing feels best more than that.
And I think it will be an AMAZING DAY!
We will rock!
New ray of hope…

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