I wake up everyday, thinking I am the princess I ought to be. I wear fancy clothes. I wear make-up. I comb my hair. And would always wink in the mirror thinking, ” Today I will be who I wanna be .”  I ride jeepney every single day feeling like it is a limousine. I walk down the corridor feeling like it’s a runway with my head held high;looking proud and arrogant.  Everyday is a dream I’m living with.
It is okay to be like that or be that kind of person but what if it goes way over the line?Pretending to someone you are not? Would it become better or just worse?
Today,   we are living up to what the society wants to see and what it wants us to be. The world we have today is quite different from what it was made for. And I guess from the moment human race realized and demarcated the big gap of “differences” the face of the world was changed. These differences were the difference between so many things: from poor to rich, to what’s fancy to not, to beautiful and ugly and most specially people now, know of what’s hip and not. Then next is, “Standards” came to life and every day we have to deal with it and keep up.
In order to cope up with standards we go to school to study hard(because we are obliged to) if we don’t we can’t have a nice job, no job means no money, no money means no food, no food means no life and living in the present even with this pattern of life is not enough,we have to live by the standards; the urge of having luxury in life.
People buy designer clothes, expensive perfumes, needs a car,and branded shoes. Teens need to post everything they do on twitter, facebook and instagram. Most likely they take photos before eating their meals, do selfies and brag everything to the world. If you won’t or don’t do any of these things you are not considered as a normal person. What happened to being human?
Maybe it is not the fault of the world, it is ours. We are the ones who changed its face. We had become so not human. With the standards that we had raised some people get lost and left behind while some are way too advance in the front line having all of what life can offer.Worse is, with this case, few are tamed to do all the ways just to be accepted to the society. We have lost the true purpose of what humanity is and why the world was made. We are somehow a bit hopeless.
With all the rage at hand, tons had become hypocrites just to cope up in this fast-pacing reality. We had become our worse. And I admit that I even become one myself though I denied it at first. Almost all had become hypocrites.
We pretend to be someone totally not us.We pretend to sound like a rich one and act and dress one. We pretend to be true living Christians and show off to others that we are kind, helpful , religious and charitable. Are we all true children of God? How many times do we think and thank him everyday? Have you even read your bible?
People are competing with each other and compare every little detail one owns to the other. We try to blend in and in some times we ought to become a leech.We go together with brats,we feel like a genius and a rich one when we are with them.We follow what they eat, have and dress. 
Welcome to the world of hypocrites!
And as the Japanese say you have three faces. First face you show to the world. Second to your close friends, and families. Third one, you never show to anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are. So many faces of human right? while in fact we only have one literally and I think we only ought to have one as well. But according from the novel I read lying is our nature. Let me quote it to you: “Because everybody lies. It’s part of living in a society. Don’t get me wrong– I think it’s necessary.The last thing anyone wants is to live in a society where total honesty prevails. Can you imagine the conversations? You’re short and fat, and the other might answer I know.You smell bad. It just wouldn’t work.So people lie by omission all the time. People will tell you most of the story..and I’ve learned the part that they neglect you to tell is often the most important part.People hide the truth because they’re afraid.”
Being untrue is quite easy maybe for a few but when we weigh things carefully, it is the hardest thing in the world. It is a risk that would often lead to something unpleasing. It will make you worse because in the end no secrets that aren’t found. At the end of the day, people will know the truth and your dirty little secrets will soon be discovered then you’ll be put on shame.
All we are trying to put up as an act here in the world is not worthy enough to be carried with us to the REAL life next to this. Let us bring memories of good life , not the materials we had had here. Do not be afraid! There in the heaven there will be no shame, hurt ,pride and inequality. Everything will be perfect. You don’t have to put an effort to feed such standards because above there is none.We will be free! So why put too much effort in pretending ? Just let it be and enjoy!
They are not the ones who feed you.They do not own you.They won’t secure your gate-pass to heaven. They don’t even cherish you as the same level that you do with them.
So do not be afraid to take off the mask you’ve worn for a long time. Only then you will feel genuine freedom and happiness after you will find your true self. It maybe hard but at least you are trying.You may fail at first but at least you are trying. Someone important told me that I should be the best version of myself and not of others. And now I can say that I am not perfect but I am confident now that I am me, the REAL me.
First things first, it may be hard to believe that you are a hypocrite still admit it! It hurts but you are one.If you won’t believe then think of who you are for these past few days to who you were back then. Who is more happy and real? See the difference?Think and think again. Accept, recollect and change. Life isn’t easy.. You have to be wrong to learn what is right; stumble to persevere; be hurt to be stronger ; fall to rise again; lose to try harder and love to pursue them all.
Think of this, why do we close  our eyes when we pray? When we cry? When we imagine? This is because the most wonderful things in life are unseen and are felt only by the heart.
Accoring to Dalai Lama XIV in his book entitled the art of happiness,”Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” 
So remain human!

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