Every night is a wonderful one
A night the two of us will always become one.
I nestle in your arms
and I feel no harm.


To this One bed,one pillow we share 
only one love is there to spare.
Smell of your skin lingers
like stingers 
rubbing against mine;
Eyes locked to mine
and darkness feels fine.
Stares that could melt 
blow away fear;
fear of losing you,
as I shut my eyes
and fall deep asleep.
I try not to close them
and try and try..
But still I know every night,
is a wonderful one
and that would make smile .
For every night is my only known reality 
that you’re here with me
the only moment ;
I feel you becoming mine.
For when I sleep
this would end ,
for tomorrow will bring 
that all we had was just
     a fragment of my imagination.
Damn such a wonderful dream!
So I smiled to the fool
     that I’d become 

and remains still one.
So every night
Before I fall asleep
I look up and think of you..
Ready to fall
    then wake to face
that who I am will never be with someone like you.



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