When you were born everyone was expecting you and they were glad. As you breathe for the first time and cried for the first time you made everyone cry too. Those were tears of joy. All hail to the Lord another being was born! Another flesh that will make a stand and  have a life. You were a baby back then; a flicker of hope. A hope for a life that will be well-spent.A symbol of life and responsibility as well! You were born!

                  Your birth made an ordinary day special. It was another special day to celebrate and be thankful of. You prepare for it and invite friends. Have a cake and blow its candles. Take pictures and burst balloons. You make the most of it because you only have it once in a year.
It’s a happy thought when you think of a birthday party! IT IS THE ONLY DAY THAT IS YOURS and that no one would steal. You can be the boss in your birthday. Mine was approaching fast. It made me remember all the good feels and thoughts of having one and my birthday memories flashed in my mind but then just like the bubbles the happy feels popped when I was told by someone that it is just an ordinary it’s just that you get older. I was numb when that happened. Hence, I don’t know what to think and say. I felt blank and this phrase sucked all my happiness that day, the third to the last day before my 17th birthday!

And it was not awesome at all. It got me! He was my best friend after all!

I was sad and can’t move on of what he said and it really bothered me until my birthday. He was also my best friend and that’s what made it worse. It’s supposed to be him that will make it more memorable. Sadness turned to a bit of anger every night before I sleep and argued to my conscience that I should have defended what I believe in or I should have said a bit! That it’s my birthday and it is special for me! But I never did.

I was frequently asked by my guardian how I want my birthday to be and a lot of questions more but i just kept answering nothing. Maybe that was the period that I absorbed that phrase little by little. It was just an ordinary day.. And that ordinary day came. I woke up so early and prepared to school. I had stop first to the church. I checked my phone and my best friend (a.k.a. the one who said it was an ordinary day) messaged me and I was touched by it. But being touched of what he said did not crumpled what he said in the first place. And moments after I did conclude that it was just an ordinary day.

Yes, some knew my birthday. Well, just a few yet it was enough. I was content and thankful that I am alive for this length of time. They greet you, tease you, and then forget. That’s my seventeenth natal day.

                    I was soaked to the thought that no one would  make an effort to make it special and maybe I never wanted anything special I just wanted that day to be mine and I may don’t know how to do that but that is my wish.
Until my bff wanted to go with me to the church so I could light up candles and pray(wish) without him knowing that I already did that first thing in the morning but still I went with him because I don’t want to make him feel bad. He offered that we swap our bags ;for mine was looking a lot heavier which was true and it was my birthday so I did let him. As we walked towards our destination he asked If I clean my bag every time I arrive at home and arrange it. ” Of course , I do! wow, you really think of me that messy?” I replied.

                 We lighted candles and prayed which was good that ‘good’ that felt ethereal.He went to the comfort room and I waited for him. Then I asked him if it would be okay if I’ll withdraw money for a while and he said it was okay but there was something wrong with his face I could tell but I did not entertain that thought because I was bothered by my aunt who was asking me to come home already. She texted me that she prepared a bit and I was happy because that was unexpected.

                   As we got t the ATM machine I reached for my bag when he suddenly kinda gave a “don’t open it!” look and I matched all the puzzle pieces. BANG! Omg! I punched him and said , ” You said you would not give me any!”. ” You said it was just an ordinary day!” I protested as I opened my bag and reached for my atm. He gave me a gift! He set me up! He actually had a gift for my birthday that is why he asked if I would clean my bag when I get home so I will see it and that is why he wanted to carry my bag! It was amazing!
My seventeenth birthday was the most awesome so far and I wish for something more. I thanked God for it was amazing after all.He made a way that I will feel special. He was there all along listening to my ideas and wishes. He was using my friends as His instruments. He made me special! And most specially He was there.

                  Yes, your birthday is just an ordinary day and that is a fact. Yes, it is just a day when you will get older by a year. But it all ends up to you at the end of the day: it is your choice what you want your birthday to be. If you want it to be just an ordinary day , you can have that. If you want it to be special, you can have that. See? That’s how easy it is and one fact still remains ; it is YOUR DAY! Proof is, you can have a choice how you want that day to be. Piece of advice here : make it happy for you may not know it could be your last. YOLO!
Here’s my birthday message for you! 🙂
Happy birthday my friend!
There is no “I” in team but there is in BIRTHDAY, so make it all about “U”. Make it fun and memorable! Capture every moment so if time comes you can say proudly, ” I’ve done that my age. It was fun!” May you make the most of it and have more blessed birthdays to come! 
your friend, 

Before it is just about eating yummy food.
My cake 🙂
September 24, 2013- Smile because it’s your day!
Let the whole world know you are indeed special!
You are as sweet as this…
Never wait for something special to happen, you are the one obliged to make it!
Spend it with someone you love..
Age is just a number. It’s about those moments that took your breath away!
Blow! and Go!
Fly! High! feel free because that’s the way it is supposed to be..
Put colors… and make it yours!
Remember and capture this…

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