Activating kindness

KINDNESS- is the act or state of being kind , being marked by good and charitable behavior , pleasant disposition , and concern for others . It is known as virtue ,and recognized as a value in many cultures and religions. That’s what wikipedia gave me.
Kindness is there within us but it is just not yet activated. When will we have it? When it is too late? Now it the only option. Sometimes we are just too lazy to make things the right way of doing it. Sometimes we often go for the shortcuts and avoid the ways that makes the duration longer and tiresome. Sometimes we often just tarry. That is how humans deal with things lately.. And sometimes are not just only sometimes but it is; most of the times.
Kindness can make us charitable, understanding, stronger, and better. It makes us more desirable  in the eyes of the people who look for inner greater qualities than those of the physical attributes. Most specially it makes God appreciates us as His child. Activate your kindness now!

Activating kindness

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