Homework : Working out the Christian in me

The photo I stole when I bought some munchkins from the foreigner.
                  I was so fed up with everything and what made it worse? Me and my best friend
misunderstanding because of a prior happening. I had no other choice but to walk out for air and so I did. Well, I  think my menstruation gave a little factor for this madness of mine.I was exploding but they didn’t know all I wanted was a company.
              Weird though because God was so generous to give me one. It seem that everything happens for  a reason. Out of nowhere a friend appeared beside me and in the long run, she helped me let the steam out. Funny how the conversation led her to talk about her darkest funniest intriguing secrets which was so fun. She was God-sent. Thanks to her everything turned back to normal in a matter of minutes.
             As we decided to part ways already , my ReEd ( Religious Education ) assignment made me pause & think for a while. The assignment went like this:
                Make a list of what you do everyday that will depict the context of the 3 dimensions of faith: to what you are believing, the  things you are doing  to realize your  beliefs (obedience), & entrusting/worshiping. 
                 And it may sound simple but to tell you it was as hard as chasing a leopard in the wild but the assignment made me assess myself towards the real question: what did I do today?
I felt empty and unworthy. Then I  thought deeply again- ‘what did  I do for God today?’.
I remembered suddenly what our Religious teacher said, “…. having faith is not only between God and you but also your relationship with other people. That is why we have to do the sign of the cross; to always remind us that faith is: vertical (our relationship with God) and horizontal(relationship with your brethren).”  That led me to another question:
‘what did I  do for other people today ?’
                I did nothing at all which made me guilty. For all the things he’d done for me and for all the blessings I received, I let a bad day be a bad day. When I swiped my ID and got outside the university I saw the Swiss munchkin seller whom  I adored a lot for his  determination and perseverance.His story never failed to touch my heart.  According to my close friend, Adamae:
       The Swiss guy was once a very very rich man who came to the Philippines to marry a Filipina and they were happy. Until one day, his wife suddenly disappeared! Away with his riches and everything he has left. Now, having no means of access to a suitable job he had no choice left but to do anything he can to save money and fly back to his native land. This led him to sell munchkins because he had just a very very few money left in order to survive the day.
               It may take a long time to earn that ticket with only a small profit everyday but still he was earning, right? And that is  a good thing. This story touched my heart and told my bestfriend about it three days ago. I took an oath to buy at least ten munchkins everyday but as usual humans tend to forget their words thus; we talk too much and act less.I forgot my oath. And standing in front of him made me guilty as flashbacks happened  at the very same time. What made it crazier that time was without any second thoughts I decided to buy a bunch of his munchkins.
Unfortunately, when I searched for money I  had only 7 pesos left that would be enough for me to go home.  I was confused. ‘What to do?!’  I  kept thinking. Yet the urge to buy lingered to me that time and the people around me were quite confused too.I  kept thinking and thinking then my feet led me back again inside the campus and walked straight towards the ATM machine. Wishing that there is money available.
And indeed, there was ! Crazy how things work out their own ways. I withdrew it and  hurried outside to buy munchkins.
” Hello Miss! . Three munchkins for 5 peysows?”(slang ) asked the Swiss vendor.

 “I’ll buy 50 pesos” I said in reply. What I said made him  smile! Well,  I  felt happy too. I was mesmerized by the spark of joy his eyes gave. I made my brethren happy that made that moment infinite and this is the kind of happiness that can’t be bought. As he was happily counting the munchkins, I stole a picture of him because that’s what I  always do when I’m inspired of someone and admired their hope.

                After I  received my munchkins, people were looking at me out of curiosity; what would  I  do with a lot of munchkins? and that’s my problem as well  because   I can’t eat all of them. Problem solved when a street tot wanted to have one and I gave him two pieces. And  I  felt happy because the solution is to share it with others.
                As I walked further, a vendor asked me what  I  would like to buy then in response I  just stared at her which was so awkward and I smiled. I asked her without  prior thinking, “Ate do you want to try?”  -ate smiled and said “For free?” . I nodded so I gave her. She smiled and it was like she haven’t smiled for a century. I felt great I made someone happy!

She took out her cellophane and I gave her a portion then she invited her fellow vendors and I helped them get their share too. I was even happier.
In the end,  we ended up sharing everything; to the kids who were starving and to other people who were around. It was ethereal. Their smiles were viral and all their sunken faces due to their harsh realities they were in disappeared.
Thus, today was a long day and I guess I did something  for my brethren, to God and also to myself. I found once again my core that is to help other people.This day made me remember a saying , A gift is not a gift until it is given back.

Mission accomplished – I did something! How about you have you done something good today? What is your story?

Homework : Working out the Christian in me

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